In which I set out what I think is going to happen over the next few decades in terms of the Gentle Decline.
How to handle Winter Blackouts and maybe some long-term energy issues.
Wheat present, wheat future, and little enough of wheat past. How the Russian invasion of Ukraine is affecting and will affect global food supplies.
In which there is a variety of stuff, suitable to the early part of the year, and in which tabs are closed.
Hello. This issue is something of a grab-bag of bits and pieces; some answers to questions, rejoinders to remarks, and a bit of cut-and-pasted stuff…
In which the what-can-I-do-now question is addressed, even though nobody actually asked it. And there's some grim regard for knowledge work.
May contain: positive news, the Gulf Stream, internet access, wildfires, or newsletter recommendations
In which the concept of not moving inland is examined.
Applying Newton's First Law in ways it was never intended, and talking about the unlikelihood of halting a system already in motion.
In which the writer attempts to understand energy use of super-made-up currencies, as opposed to ordinary made-up currencies.
Actual practical skills, getting started, one at a time, from the very basics. Textiles, woodwork, gardening & foraging, metalwork, building and…
In which it is reluctantly conceded that talking to the neighbours may be necessary.